Master Key- Week 17

I dislike missing a Sunday meeting.

I was doing a show this past weekend and was unable to get on the webinar Sunday.

Even though I have continued on with my sits, cards, Makeover, etc. I was anxiously waiting for the replay on Thursday. These webinars really set the tone for my week and not being able to hear them until they are posted makes me a little crazy. I’m so grateful that hey are posted at all and really appreciate the MKMMA for all their hard work in providing us exactly what we need to grow.

The Kindness I experienced at the show was amazing. People were coming out of the woodwork with kindness. I bought coffee, on set up day, for the exhibitors in my row  and the kindness continued for the rest of the show. Every morning someone bought coffee for all of us.

I had an amazing show. I sold more jewelry at this show than I ever have and I must contribute it to the fact that I am in a different headspace, all because of this course.

Since the show I’ve been given so many ideas, in my sits and out of the blue, on how to create more of what people desire that will enhance all our lives.

Can’t wait to try them out at the next show!

We are all natures greatest miracle and each of us has so much to offer.

Thanks MKMMA for providing this knowledge of remembrance. We came into this world with this knowledge…sometimes we just forget.

I always keep my promises!




Master Key- Week 16

You can feel it, sense it coming, there’s nothing you can do..oh my, have I created this through my thoughts? How can I stop this?

OK, ok…so I’ve been thinking this one particular thought for over three years. Yep, 3 years. It has always been incased in anger with a lack of self respect.

I took this part time job as a favor. Little did I know at the time it would engulf my life. I allowed it to become a time and a half job and I gave up my dream to be the best jewelry designer on the planet.

After the first 18 months I began saying “I just need a break”. “This is too much”, etc. I said those words on a daily basis to everyone that asked me how my job was.  Within 4 months I was in a head-on car accident. Walked away with a shattered wrist. Got that break I needed. Did I put 2 and 2 together? Nope, I brought a friend on to help do the job until I recovered. They quit after six months. We are no longer friends. The job was just too demanding. They thought I was crazy.

I continued on for another two years yearning at times for the simple life of creating and traveling. The money was too good to let go of. The more I made the more I spent. I got a new car and paid it off in 2 years. I took a larger apartment, bought more beads for when I had time to design jewelry…all while saying “I hate this job and I’m going to quit.”

Well, this week I was trying to justify why I haven’t quit by saying “I’m not a quitter”. In reality I gave up all respect for myself, the company and my co-workers about a year ago but kept keeping-on, just  for the money.

For the past few months the writing has been on the wall in bright bold letters. Jobs were being cut. I was in denial. My departments budget went from 2 million to 300k. Some people will have to go. “Not me…I helped start this department”. I’ll make it easy on them and only work 3 days a week, and on and on and on…

Tuesday I received the dreaded phone call. “Your services are no long required. Thanks for all you’ve done, this is not about you, we love you.”

I was totally surprised at my reaction. I was OK with it, remember…I was asking for it for 3 years.

I’m back in the jewelry business and I set up for a show today that will run through the weekend. I applied to this show in September 2017. Something told me I needed to do this show.

Sometimes the lesson takes a long time to get.

Thanks to the Master Keys I am feeling hopeful for my future. This journey, going forward, is about me and my DMP.  As I look at my movie poster I am excited to finally get back on my path.

“I promise to stay focused on my dreams!”

“Thoughts Become Things… Choose The Good Ones!”

― Mike Dooley

I always keep my promises!



Master Key- Week 14

Going Down Deep…to Rise Above It

I’ve watched Cool Runnings many times for the entertainment factor. In fact I tend to not “get” the real messages from movies so discussing them after viewing with friends has always been almost embarrassing for me. I avoid it like the plague.
Cool Runnings
Four young Jamaican men collaborate to be the first Jamaican Bobsled team after three of them fell during the 100-meter sprint Olympic try-outs.
Derice had been training for this moment all his life. He was confident he would be heading to the Summer Games.
Yul Brenner wanted to qualify just to get off the island.
Junior was sowing his oats because he didn’t want the life his father planned for him.
Sanka, well Sanka was the refreshing, glass is half full type of guy who was a loyal friend of Derice.

The Definite Major Purpose(DMP) for Derice, Yul and Junior in the beginning was to qualify for the Olympic Games. When they fell during the trials Derice did not give up. His determination and persistence turned into forming the first Jamaican Bobsled Team.
Positive Mental Attitude(PMA): was evident in many places. What got my attention was when Irv, their coach, started talking about the condition of their sled and Derice said “shish- she’s beautiful”
Against all opposition from the locals, Junior’s father, their government and the Olympic Officials they were determined to make it.
Plan of Action(POA): get Irv to be their coach. He would know where to go to get them to Canada. It was aligning with him that was the most important step. Once they did they were on their way overcoming all obstacles that got in their way.
Master Mind Alliance was their collaboration with each other and Irv to make their dream come true.
For Yul to support Junior during the crisis with his father was cool. Using the mirror exercise he helped him see that he was a “proud, powerful, bad ass mother who won’t take no crap from nobody.”
Loved the music, especially “Rise Above It”. A feel good, up beat tune that will help me remember who I am.

Hope you enjoy it:  RISE ABOVE IT

Master Key-Week 13

Going Back to Elementary School, AKA – Flash Cards

Remembering the flash cards and there purpose from elementary school I was a bit skeptical about this assignment.  I didn’t do well with my multiplication table memorization using cards. In fact I thought it was a stupid way of learning anything.

Today these flash cards have become amazing. It has been a joy to create them, remembering all the stuff I’ve completed and how much FUN I had on those adventures. I haven’t given myself any credit for anything in my life and this has been a real eye opener.

Flashing the cards actually has created a “feel good” feeling in my body and I often stop on a card bringing back the fond memories and actually think about “How did I ever accomplish this?” And them I remember…I actually WILLED it to be. I remember putting all my attention on it and living each day creating my journey.

An example:  7 years ago this week I committed to walking the Camino Santiago, a 800km trek across Spain. I had never owned a pair of hiking boots and had never before had a pack on my back.  The first thing I did was set the date. Once that was done I began gathering the necessities, researching the route, and walking to where ever I needed to go. I gave myself 6 weeks to do it in and landed in Santiago, Spain during their Easter Holiday Festival week. It was like they were celebrating my arrival. Humm…Looks like a DMP to me 🙂 That process was so easy…all I had to do was commit. Once committed I was in motion to make it happen and it did!

As I continue to add to cards I am realizing that I’ve had an amazing life and that I am truly grateful for all the blessing I have been given. I’m also seeing how worthy I am to have huge goals and that my future self is more than capable of accomplishing anything that I WILL TO BE.

I always keep my promises. Dorothy Dudek

Master Key- weeks 11 & 12

The sweetness in life…

I’ve been on my journey for 66 years and I’m still learning.

I’ve heard that people who are addicted to sugar are really searching for the “sweetness” that is missing from their lives.

Ha! Not me. I grew up in a candy store. That’s my excuse. Seriously, I did. I left home 43 years ago and have used that excuse for my sugar addiction ever since.

This week I got some medical test results back. It’s NOT good. I’ve been seeking out the sweetness in my life too often and it has taken it’s toll.

So, going forward, I make a conscious choice to link “the sweetness in my life” to my DMP. As I walk past that candy isle in the store grinning and to myself say “My sweetness is reaching my goals on my DMP and attaining my PPN’s, Liberty and Recognition. I’m adding Perfect Health to my PPN’s because I know that reaching my goals and achieving my PPN’s is, by far, sweeter than any piece of  candy out there. Using the Law of Substitution to accomplish this enables me to seek my “sweetness” in a healthy way.

I promise to be sugar free on December 25, 2017.

I always keep my promises.

Master Keys- Week 10

How do you let go?

This week has been  difficult to say the least.

I am surrounded by three large wild fires and high winds. Living on high alert all week I have been unable to concentrate on some of my assignments and am feeling guilty. I am doing my best to keep the momentum going. I’m in motion yet at times find myself totally living from the past.

My car is packed with all the objects I value and yet every day I go back through things I was ready to let go of yesterday and find room in my car for today.

I’ve downsized a few times in my life, from a 3000sq. ft. home to a 1300sq. ft. home, from there to a studio apartment and back up to the current 1200sq. ft. Each time, for different reasons, it was easy. This time, however, I look at the stuff, and yes it’s just stuff, that I am willing to let go of and the more time I have to go through it again and again the more I want to save it. It’s just stuff. It’s a reflection of me. Where I’ve been and where I’m going.

I’ve never had a disaster such as this happen to me and so far this one will, most likely,  be averted, thanks to the amazing fire departments coming to the rescue.

Is this subby taking over? Holding on to the past? I love this stuff for it’s memories, it’s beauty, it’s artistic excellence and I leave it on the walls waiting for the call to evacuate. If there is time and space maybe I will grab a few more items and hit the road. If not, I will have had a great week of true appreciation for the stuff I have collected in my travels and my life.

I greet this day with love in my heart and know that what I have chosen to save is irreplaceable, and that I’ll get to travel and collect more stuff as I go forward.